Bow Down To Beychella


To say that Beyoncé slayed Coachella is a massive understatement. Not only did Queen Bey make history by being the first Black female headliner of the festival, hit every note and dance move during her two-hour set, and reunite the beloved Destiny’s Child, she made an equally-epic fashion statement.

Bey’s five custom Balmain looks paid homage to her heritage, background, and strength. And even though us mortals cannot carry the weight of her jewel-encrusted headpiece, we’re certain that we’ll be seeing some Beychella-inspired looks on the streets immediately if not sooner. So let's delve into Bey's bomb looks from Saturday night and figure out what we can rock ourselves... 

And for the rest of us, let's see how we can rock some Beyoncé-inspired looks right now: