Channel Your Inner Supermodel In 6 Easy Steps


Regardless of our height or body mass index, we all deserve to walk the streets like a little more like Gigi Hadid. Who wouldn’t want some of that inner glow, megawatt smile and California girl attitude on a night out on the town. So before your next big event follow our 6 easy steps to bring out your inner Gigi. 

1. Embrace That Thing That Makes You Unique

You know, the cute way you say "S" or your face full of freckles? That's what makes you YOU and should definitely be your signature thing.  

Full coverage foundation on that face? Never. 

Full coverage foundation on that face? Never. 

2. Do Something Nice

Studies show that doing a good deed for someone else actually boosts your own levels of happiness and even self-confidence. So do some research on what volunteer opportunities are going on in your area. 


3. Get That Glow

Treat yourself to an at-home facial - you deserve it! We recommend steaming your face in the shower, followed by exfoliation and then a 15 minute sheet mask. Doesn't that sound fabulous?

4. Walk Tall And Smile

Okay, so this is technically two things. But they are both SO important! Even if you're 4'9 you better drop those shoulders and flash those pearly whites. Remember, smiles are contagious! 


5. Grab Your Squad

Surround yourself with your ride-or-die gals who always make you feel great about yourself and are always up for something fun.


6. Rock That Golden Number

You need a killer dress to go with your killer confidence! Check out these amazing Gigi-inspired options, inspired by the golden Versace she slayed in on her Golden Birthday.