Dressing Like Generation Zeekit

As the school year comes to a close and the reality of kissing finals goodbye becomes a bit more real, it seems the perfect time to take a look back at all the incredible things this year has had to offer. One major aspect we can focus on is fashion. We took to the campus of IDC Herzliya in Herzliya, Israel to see how the international students influenced the fashion being displayed.  We found is that the fashion seems nearly as diverse as the students who hail from over 80 countries. Take a look below to meet some of the students and even, shop their looks through the Zeekit app!


My fashion in a few words: I have a lot of styles. Girly, sporty, but I always keep it classy.

My staple clothing item: A jean jacket! I basically have one in every color because you can wear them with almost anything.

If I could only shop at one store: Mango, for sure! Well, first, I love the fruit and they always have a good variety of classy options. Plus, the quality there is higher than most other stores. I have never had a problem with rips or tares. The clothes last me so long!

My must has accessory: My phone case! It doubles as a wallet, so I can keep all of my cards close by and safe, while keeping my phone in a convenient place. Its Bandolier and you definitely pay for quality accessory.

My fashion advice: Always wear what makes you comfortable! That’s always most important

You can follow Nataliya on Instagram @nataliyanaomi

MAIA – California, USA

My fashion in a few words: Eclectic, strange, unusual. I think it goes by my mood. I dress very differently in Israel than I did back home. In Israel, I think I consider what I wear a bit more.

My staple pieces: My Blundstone boots! I have been wearing this one pair for almost 2 years and basically nothing else. 80’s puffy jackets are definitely another favorite. Weird little items too. I love anything denim.

If I could only shop one brand or store:  Urban Outfitters, but sometimes they’re just way too expensive regardless of the items. I stick to thrifting mainly. One of my favorites is called Flashbacks in San Diego, California. They always have really unique pieces and I LOVE it!

My must-have accessory: Definitely chockers! They go with everything and they’re perfect for adding some flair to even the most basic outfits.

My fashion advice: Limit the amount of basics you own. It’s important to have a few, versatile pieces, but don’t let them take over your closet. Go out of your comfort zone and take some advice from your friends. They usually have a good eye for the  clothes that look good on you.

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TORI – South Africa

My fashion in a few words: Classy bohemian would be the best way to describe it.

My staple clothing item: I have these bohemian, hippy pants. They’re from Thailand and they are a staple piece that I always, always wear. The pants are blue with elephants and I’m absolutely in love with them. I also have a gothic-style red overcoat which is quite cool as well.

If I could only shop at one store: I really love flea markets. Second hand stores, vintage stores, flea markets – those are where I find my best pieces. You always find hidden gems and that’s the most exciting part

My must has accessory: My earrings, definitely earrings. I have eight piercings, so they are my specialty.

My fashion advice: Play around. Try not to stick to just one fashion style. A lot of people have what they consider their “look” and that defines them, but for me I base it on how I’m feeling. Be playful and make fashion fun for you!

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Written by Aliya Nussbaum, Zeekit Collective Member