Meet the Zeekit Collective!

It’s about time we introduce you to this group of young women killing it in our offices - the inaugural chapter of our Zeekit Collective campus ambassador program.


Earlier this year we decided to launch a new initiative to give fashion-minded college students a voice within our company. The Zeekit Collective program empowers a select group of girls to become influential members of our company's team, while shaping the app experience, becoming accredited stylists, and learning the ins and outs of working at a fashion-tech startup.

In addition to participating in feedback sessions and user experience workshops, our ambassadors have four main areas of responsibilities. They contribute to content creation and styling, social media management, on-campus event planning or app design. And each ambassador has truly contributed towards the elevation of our app and growth of our company. We couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work!

So let’s give a MASSIVE round of applause for this amazing group of ladies!

To learn more about the Zeekit Collective and how you can apply click here.